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Multifunctional complex "Lakhta Center"

Multifunctional complex "Lakhta center" at St. Petersburg, Lahti Avenue, 2, building 3, literary

The characteristics of the object
Land area - 139,400 sq ft
Built-up area of the 1st phase of construction - 11 550 sq.m
Number of floors of the building tower
above ground - 86
Underground - 3
Number of floors of the stylobate
above-ground - a
underground - a
The altitude of the top of the spire of the building tower -465, 7 m (in the Baltic system of coordinates).
Types of work performed by KB VIPS
1. Development Master Plan (SPOZU) on the 1 st phase of construction.
2. Energy Efficiency.
3. Engineering networks except for:
   - external networks,
   - CRS-
   -vertical transport
4. Development of measures to ensure access for disabled people.
5. Development of measures for environmental protection.