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The second stage of Mariinsky Theatre

The new building (second stage) of the Mariinsky Theatre at St. Petersburg Admiralty Administrative Region, Prospect home of Decembrists 34, lit. A
The characteristics of the object
The area of ​​land within the boundaries of an accomplishment - 14330 sq.m. Total area - 80,230 sq.m.
Worth area - 63,010 sq.m.
9 floors, including three underground.
Building capacity - 451,943 cubic meters, including the underground portion - 141,254 cubic meters., Aerial part - 310,689 cubic meters.
Types of work performed by KB VIPS
1. Completion of design and survey works, execution of documentation for the construction of the Project (the functions of the General project organization).
2. Carrying out geotechnical monitoring for the construction of the Project.
3. Monitoring work for the opening of cracks in load-bearing structures of buildings surrounding buildings.
4. Development in partnership with Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated architectural solutions facades, roofs, architectural interiors and the implementation of the project works.
5. Implementation of supervision over the full range of construction work, construction and installation works on the device of the main load-bearing concrete structures Object.